Charter Fishing prices

The prices below are set as of 1st April 2016 and have not increased and will be charged in accordance with our Terms and Conditions agreement.

Single Rates on specified days only 9hrs
Inshore fishing singles = £50
Wreck fishing singles = £75

Single Rates on specified trips only 3hrs
Inshore fishing singles = £30
Single winter Flounder trips = £30


Harbour / Swash = £240
Inshore / local = £400

Bass Fishing = £560

Shambles / IoW Cod fishing = £560

Wreck fishing / offshore = £600

Rod / Tackle Hire (inclusive of terminal tackle exc Lures)

Bottom Ledger offshore = £20 per rod

Offshore / Wrecking = £30 per rod (recommend smaller groups)

Additional Angling Support

On certain fishing trips such as Corporate and groups of novices I recommend you have an additional experienced angler on board to provide you with tuition and support to make the most of your trip

Inshore = £40 per day

All other trips £60 per day
Bait (average cost price)

Ragworm approx £16 per lb
Squid seasonal fluctuations ranging from £14 to £25 per 5lb box

If during the trip the weather or circumstances dictate the trip is abandoned an agreement between the skipper and charterer to cover minimum costs will be reached and charged accordingly.

Last Minute Bookings